9th class date sheet fbise 2024

9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Federal Board

The 9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Federal Board will begin on May 19, 2024. The Matric 9th class Date Sheet will be released in the first week of May. As per the PBCC timetable.

  • Boards: Federal Boards
  • Class Date Sheet: 9th Class Date Sheet 2024
  • Exam Date: March 19, 2024
  • Exam Type: Annual
  • Passing Percentage in Each Subject: 40%

9th Class Annual Examination Date Sheet 2024 BISE Federal Board

Morning Time 8:30 AM
Evening Time 1:30 PM
2. General Mathematics-II(614)
27/03/2024Wednesday1. Physics-I
2. Civics-I
3. Commercial Geography-II
4. Food and Nutrition-II
5. Dress making and fashion designing-II
6. Motor winding-II
28/03/2024Thursday1. Essential of home economics-I
2. Economics-II
3. English Elective-II
4. Electric wiring-II
5. Electrical wiring-II
29/03/2024Friday1. Urdu-II (Compulsory)
2. Geography of Pakistan-II
3. Urdu-II (Compulsory)
1. Islamiyat-I (Compulsory)-Old
2. Islamiyat-I (Compulsory)-New
3. Ikhlakiyat-I
4. Islamiyat-I (Compulsory)

Closed Day
1. Chemistry-II
2. General science-II
3. General Science-II

1. Biology-I
2. Computer science-I
3. Commercial Geography-I
4.Computer science-i
03/04/2024Wednesday1. Pakistan studies-II
2. Pakistan studies-II
04/04/2024Thursday1. Islamic Studies-I
2. Geography-I
05/05/2024Friday1. Islamiyat-II
2. Ikhlakiyat-II
3. Islamiyat-II
4. Islamiyat-II
06/05/2024Saturday1. English-I
2. English-I
15/05/2024Monday1. Biology-II
2. Computer science-II
3. Computer science-II
4. Wood work and furniture making-II
1. Chemistry-I
2. General science-I
3. General science-I
17/04/2024Wednesday1. Arabic-I
2. English Literature-I
3. Clothing and textile-I
4. Essential of home economics-II
5. Essential of home economics-II
1. Health and physical education-I

1. English-II
2. English-II
19/04/2024Friday1. Mathematics-I
2. General Science-I
3. Mathematics-I
20/04/2024Saturday1. Electrical wiring-I
2. Geography-II
3. Education-II
4. Education-II
1. Islamic history-I
2. Food and nutrition-I
Closed day
1. Urdu-I
2. Geography of Pakistan-I
3. Urdu-I
23/04/2024Tuesday1. Islamic history-II
2. Art and model drawing-II
3. Art and model drawing-II
4. Physics-I
1. Education-
2. Education-
24/04/2024Wednesday1. Physics-II
2. Art and model drawing-I
3. Art and model drawing-I
4. Civics-II
5. Clothing and textile-II
25/04/2024Thursday1. Pakistan studies-I
2. Pakistan studies-I
26/04/2024Friday1. Islamic studies-II
1. Biology-I
2. Computer science-I
27/04/2024Saturday1. Economics-I
2. Dress making and fashion designing-I
3. Motor winding-I
4. Arabic-II
5. Health and physical education-II
9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Federal Board
9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Federal Board

According to the FBISE Federal Board, there have been changes in the status of the academic year 2024

The BISE Federal Board 9th class examinations will begin on March 19, 2024. The date sheet, however, will arrive the final week of January.
The board raised the passing score from 33% to 40% in 2024.
The total number for the 9th BISE Federal Board was 600, compared to 550 for the previous year. This year, 50 Quranic marks were accumulated, for a total of 600 marks.

The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE Federal) has published the ninth-grade exam date. The official date indicates that the tests will begin in March 2024. The date sheet for the ninth grade has been released one month before the final exams for students waiting for the 2024 Federal Board date sheet. The date sheet has been removed so that students have time to prepare for the yearly test. Exam-related information is all contained in the date sheet.

About FBISE Federal Board

The FBISE stands for the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. In simpler terms, it’s a government organization that looks after exams for students in specific schools in Federal.

Who takes FBISE exams?

There are two main groups of students who take FBISE exams:

  • Students affiliated with FBISE: These schools have chosen to follow the FBISE curriculum and take their exams under the FBISE board.
  • Students appearing as private candidates: So even if you’re not enrolled in a formal school, this means you can take FBISE exams as a private candidate by following the registration process

What exams does the FBISE conduct?

The FBISE conducts exams for two main stages of education:

  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC): This is like a high school diploma, typically taken after grade 10.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) is similar to a pre-university qualification, usually taken after grade 12.

What does the FBISE do?

The FBISE is responsible for a lot of these exams. Here are some key things they do:

  • Setting the curriculum: They decide what subjects students will be tested on and what they need to learn.
  • Developing exams: They create the question papers for the SSC and HSSC exams.
  • Conducting exams: They ensure they are held smoothly and securely at designated centers.
  • Evaluating results: They mark the exams and declare the results for students.

So, why is the FBISE important?

The FBISE plays a vital role in ensuring a standard level of education for students across Pakistan. Passing their exams is a stepping stone for students to pursue higher education or enter the workforce.

Where can I find out more?

If you’re a student considering FBISE exams or someone involved in the education system, you can find more details on the FBI SE’s official website: https://www.fbise.edu.pk/

Frequently Asked Question

Q.What is the passing marks for FBISE 2024?

Ans.Passing Percentage in Each Subject: 40%

Q.Is Federal Board 9th class date sheet 2024 released?

Ans. Yes Federal Board 9th class date sheet 2024 released

Q.What is the total marks of 9th in Federal Board?

Ans. The total marks for class 9th in Federal Board is 600, the same as last year.